Discover the diversity of “Garden Experience Bavaria”.

Bavaria, in the south of Germany, may be world renowned for magnificent scenery, superb skiing, quaint villages and beer festivals, but the region has much more to offer visitors than that.
There are gardens galore, from majestic parks, botanical gardens and monastic herbal gardens, to small private gems just waiting to be discovered.

The diversity of gardens in Bavaria is reflected in the variety of tours on offer here by the “Gartenerlebnis Bayern”
– or “Garden Experience Bavaria” – guides. Your guide has qualified at the Gardening Academy of the Institute of Winegrowing and Gardening
of the State of Bavaria.

“Garden Experience” Guides invite you to explore the gardens of Bavaria.
With creative ideas and a driving passion for gardens, we can open your eyes to the hidden beauties of our “green paradise” in a knowledgeable and entertaining way: fascinating explanations of garden design and the world of plants. Some guides offer lectures, too – with themes ranging from organic gardening methods to the history of gardens. If you prefer something more practical, then how about a little hands-on worm farming
or tasting old varieties of fruit?  A garden tour is a pleasure for all the senses – your guide will make sure of that.

The gardens marked on the map each has a qualified guide.

Click on the garden and you will be taken to a page where the guide introduces the garden and tours.

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